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Annabeth Chase younger

Annabeth as depicted in the earlier books.

Percy Jackson's one and only girlfriend, Annabeth Chase, has been at Camp Half-Blood for many years. She arrived with Thalia Grace and Luke Castellan, her first demi-god friends. Although, she technically never arrived at Camp Half- Blood with Thalia, who was turned into a pine tree.

Physical Appearance

Very tall (in Demigod Files, she is 178 cm when 13) , athletic-looking, tan, with curly blond hair and stormy grey eyes. When Percy first sees her, he thinks of a typical Californian stereotypical girl. She wears an orange Camp Half-Blood T-shirt and jeans. The only jewelry she is known to have is her Camp Half-Blood bead necklace and owl earrings, the symbol of her mother, Athena, in The Titan's Curse. She has five more beads than Percy. Her first two beads are: Thalia's pine tree and a centaur in a prom dress. She also has her dad's college ring on it. She carries around a magical Yankees cap of invisibility, a gift from her mother. Percy describes her as "seriously beautiful" in The Last Olympian. Also from The Titan's Curse and on she and Percy both have a gray streak in their hair from holding up the sky.


Annabeth is a very intelligent girl.She inherited her intelligence from her mother, Athena. Her fatal flaw is hubris which means deadly pride. This is shown in the Sea Of Monsters when escaping the Sirens. Annabeth's character doesn't only consist of her intelligence. She's senseable, making her a clear, quick thinker in times of trouble or danger. In terms of Annabeth in social settings, she can be very cold and shallow when meeting someone new. She may judge too fast, as seen when she meets Percy in The Lightning Thief. However once she has gotten to know someone, they become very dear to her, and she'll become protective of her loved ones. In short, Annabeth is wise, stubborn, tough, strong, brave, protective, daring, adventurous, creative, and ambitious. She is a wonderful character that many would aspire to resemble.


  • Father: Frederick Chase Or Dr. Chase
  • Mother: Athena (godly parent)
  • Stepfather(s): None
  • Stepmother(s): Helen Chase
  • Sibling(s): [none]
  • Known Half-sibling(s): Malcolm (Demigod), Daedalus (Demigod), George Washington (Demigod), Bobby, Matthew, other Athena demigods
  • Others:
  • Boyfriend: Percy Jackson

Close Friends


Annabeth's special power is being extremely smart and her invisibilty cap. She is great at drawing up battle plans, and coming up with new ideas. Plus, she's an excellent architect and engineer. She's pretty good when it comes to fighting, too. She is an excellent battle strategist, shown in many situations including Capture the Flag and many situation on her adventures with Percy and Grover, among others. In The Battle of Labyrinth, she was given a highly advance laptop from Daedalus.

Preferred Weapon

Annabeth uses a celestial bronze dagger. The dagger was given to her by Luke at age 7, when she ran away from home and was found by Thalia and him. She also has a magical invisibility cap that she keeps in her back pocket. It was given to her by her mother, Athena, on her 12th birthday. When she puts it on, she becomes invisible.

Background Information

Annabeth was born out of her mother's head and carried by one of the gods of wind to her father's doorstep. He wanted Athena to take her back to Olympus, but she said demigods had to be raised by their mortal parent. Apparently, her father, Dr. Frederick Chase, a history professor, "has resented her since the day she was born". He got remarried and Annabeth got two new stepbrothers. Whenever monsters attacked, Annabeth's stepmother would resent her afterwards, and her father would follow along. Annabeth ran away when she was seven and met Thalia Grace, a twelve year old, and Luke Castellan, a fourteen year old, that was Annabeth's hero.When she was Luke gave her a bronze dagger, replacing the hammer she had when she was running away from her home. They went around fighting monsters for some weeks until Grover came for Thalia. He brought all three of them, though, back to camp. Annabeth and Luke were able to get past Half-Blood Hill, but Thalia died fighting monsters and was turned into a pine tree by her father, Zeus. Five years later, she meets Percy Jackson in The Lightning Thief. In the Last Olympian, Percy and Annabeth start dating.


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