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The main character of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, Percy is a demigod, son of Poseidon

Percy jackson1

Percy jackson in the books

He has ADHD and dyslexia. When he first arrives at Camp Half-Blood, nobody could guess who his godly parent was - he didn't seem to show any particular powers. Then, Poseidon claimed him, and he suddenly became the subject of a great and terrible prophecy.

Meanwhile in camp, however, he soon proved himself to be a great swordfighter, and also posessed awesome powers over the sea, thanks to his dad.

Physical Appearance

Percy has stark black hair and sea-green eyes, both traits inherited from his father Poseidon. Often wearing an orange Camp Half blood t-shirt, jeans, and his Camp Halfblood bead necklace. He carries Riptide around (see Preferred Weapon) as it is his weapon. Even though he recieves most of his strength and agility through his connection with water, he seems to be in fit shape without it.


Percy is a friendly kid, who also tends to attract many girls. When he first discovered his parentage, he was somewhat angry at Poseidon for ignoring him pretty much all his childhood. Since then, he has forgiven his father, and accepted what it means to be a half-blood. He is a little impetuous, as well as impulsive, and occasionally acts without thinking, a result from his ADHD.


  • Father: Poseidon (God of the ocean)
  • Mother: Sally Jackson
  • Stepfather(s): Gabe Ugliano[dead by petrification] and Paul Blofis
  • Sibling(s): Due to the pact of the Big Three, he was technically a mistake, and it is assumable that he has no siblings.
  • Known Half-sibling(s): Tyson
  • Others:
  • Girlfriend: Annabeth Chase
  • Best Friend: Grover Underwood

Close Friends

Powers & Abilities

As Percy's dad is the ocean god , most of his powers have to do with water, perhaps the best being that he can . Also, when Percy steps into water, he stays dry - unless he actually wants to get wet. Percy also has . Some of his other powers include being able to bend water to his will, summoning the water to him, twisting water into different forms, creating whirlwinds and mentally communicating with horses and sea life


Like most half-bloods, Percy has ADHD and dyslexia. These cause him many, but small, problems during his adventures. While reading, Grover has been known to translate English for him, while Annabeth has helped him with his Greek. He mentions how English in cursive is murder for his eyes with his dyslexia.

Preferred Weapon

A celestial bronze sword that goes by the name of anaklusmos. In English, this is translated to Riptide. It transforms from a sword to a pen when its needed. It is also impossible to lose -- it returns to his pocket even if he drops it or throws it away.

Background Information

For most of his life after his father, Poseidon, left, Percy lived with his mother (Sally Jackson) and "Smelly" Gabe Ugliano. After his mother finds a particular interest in sculpting (where she used Medusa's head for her payback on Gabe and his poker friends) he lives with Paul Blofis in the small amount of time between his perils. He is very close to his mother and hated Gabe, hence his nickname. He learned to like Paul after seeing him accept him being a demigod so easily (at least, easier than he would have expected). Before finding out that he was a demigod, Percy attended Yancy Academy, where Mr. Brunner (Chiron) was pretending to be his latin teacher, so he could keep an eye on Percy. He was attacked by the minotaur just as he, his mother, and Grover were heading to Camp half-blood. After defeating the minotaur and entering camp, after Chiron explains to him about the whole halfblood business, Percy meets luke Castellan, who seems like a nice person, but later becomes Percy's archenemy.

After fighting the Minotaur, Percy meets Annabeth after he recovers from his wounds (through nectar). He seems to take a liking to her, stating how she is exceptionally pretty, and later getting to know her during Capture the Flag and multiple interactions before their adventures. Annabeth seems to hold a peculiar disliking to him when they first meet, which continues until he seems to grow on her. It is later evident thats she likes Percy, as he likes her.

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