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Zoe Nightshade is a daughter of the titan Atlas and the water goddess Pleione. She was originally a Hesperide, but was blotted out ever since she helped a hero (see BLOTTING OUT FROM THE GARDEN OF THE HESPERIDES. She would die for the goddess Artemis. She is Artemis's best tracker and hunter. She hates men, but later learns to accept Percy. She was killed by the dragon that guards the Hesperide apple tree, Ladon. Ladon bit her side, but she was also killed by her father, following the line from the Oracle, "one shall perish by a parent's hand." She battled with her father, then her father Atlas threw her on a bed of rocks, weakening her. As she died, Artemis turned her into a constellation. The Oracle left the attic of the Big House just to speak with her. Zoe was very upset when Bianca di Angelo died from Talos, the big bronze man created by Hephaestus.


Before Zoe became one of Artemis's huntresses, when she lived in the Garden of the Hesperides, she helped Hercules get through the garden without being hunted down by Atlas. She gave him two things: one, a brooch given to her by her mother, Pleione, and two, Anaklusmos (see the article Anaklusmos for more information.). Hercules got through the garden but later betrayed Zoe. Her father was furious and banned her from the garden.


Her preferred weapon is of course a bow and arrow, because of her bind to Artemis. She is very skilled.


Caramel colored skin, and dark hair. All the things Percy doesn't like about her were from her father Atlas. She looks like royalty. She has a circlet braided into her hair. Zoe wears the traditional Hunter outfit; a silver ski parka and jeans.


Atlas: Father

Pleione: Mother

Hesperide sisters: sisters

Calypso: half sister

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